About Coach Nina 

Certified Life Coach & Health and Wellness Coach

Nina Huggar is a trailblazing, dedicated professional with superior experience in administration, office management, systems development, human resource and legal documentations/research. Nina has great project execution and completion before deadline expectations. As a prolific business professional who wants to see everyone succeed, Nina is always willing to assist others as they think through the logistics of their business ideas. Nina also can provide numerous resources to those who are looking to transform their mind, body, and soul.

Over the last six years, Nina has assisted a multitude of entrepreneurs by performing executive level assistance and administration virtually. Nina has executed human resources and payroll procedures. Nina has developed digital marketing for various agencies and budding entrepreneurs. Nina has also created strategic plans for organizational development, project management, standard operating procedures and on-boarding techniques. Most recently, Nina has strategically planned a major management system transition for a large nonprofit organization. And is currently working on similar structural implementations.

Nina gained her bachelors degree in criminal justice from Grand Valley State University. A Paralegal certificate was then obtained from Roosevelt university. Then as she began working in the Non-Profit arena, certificates in Leadership, Church Administration, Change Management and conflict management were obtained, as well as a Master's degree in Human Resources Management from North Park University. Then as Nina continuously guided and helped her peers, Nina became certified as a Life coach with 365 Consulting Group LLC. Nina began to improve her health and wellness and connected with the Lab Nutrition and Herbalife nutrition and became a health and wellness coach and herbalife independent distributor.  

Nina has authored New Decade New You Journal, and collaborated on the book "The Balancing Act: Tips on balancing your professional and Personal life."  

Iyengar Class

Health & Wellness Transformation Program

"Losing weight is not an easy task; however, I feel that with a strong determination and will power any amount of progress is progress.  No matter how big or small.  With that said, I am celebrating the little progress that I have made on my weight loss journey.  The Live Lit (extra energy) program helped give the extra boost I needed to stay focus on working on my goals.  This program has worked for me, and I know it can work for you as well.  I know nothing happens overnight, but to see small changes is a celebration because the best results are yet to come."

Shicole A.

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